You must:

  1. Fill out the Parking Application online and print.
  2. Bring in a copy of your Driver’s License.
  3. Bring in a copy of your vehicle’s registration.
    1. If you drive multiple vehicles, please bring all of the registrations for each vehicle.
  4. Bring in a copy of your CURRENT insurance card.
  5. Complete the Safe Behind the Wheel Driving 2019-2020 CCMHS Course located on myLearning.
    1. Click Enroll in the course. This will allow you to complete the mini driving course required to drive to our campus.
    2. Even if you completed Driver’s Ed, you still need to complete this course.
    3. You only need to complete this one time in the time you are enrolled at Cypress Creek.
  6. Once you have gathered all required documents please bring them to room 03-102 with your $40 payment. You will then be permitted to select your space and will receive your parking pass.
  7. If you need to make copies of your documents, you can bring originals to 03-102, and Mrs. Herzek can make copies for you.
  8. Your parking pass must be displayed on the driver’s side, top, of your windshield.
Mrs. Herzek

Mrs. Herzek

Room 3-102

Mr. Copeland

Mr. Copeland

Assistant Principal over Parking