2024 Senior Prank Letter

Ceremony Information


Venue Information

Welcome families, friends, and guests!

We know this is an exciting time for you and your graduate of Cypress Creek High School. Commencement ceremonies are held at USF (University of South Florida) Yuengling Center. For GPS, please use the physical address of the Yuengling Center: 12499 USF Bull Run Drive, Tampa, FL 33617.


Friday, May 31, 2024 – 4pm

2:30 pm – Graduates arrive and check-in at the Corral (Gate A).

3:20 pm – Graduates begin lining up.

4:00 pm – Commencement Ceremony begins.

5:00 pm – Approximate end of Ceremony.

Ticket Information

Seating is unlimited in the University of South Florida Yuengling Center. Tickets will not be necessary as a result. No one, other than graduates and designated guests, is permitted on the floor partitioned off on the University of South Florida Yuengling Center. Floor seating is only permitted for invited dignitaries, graduating seniors, band members, faculty and staff, and other guests. All these people will have tickets to go to the floor and will be listed on pre-approved lists provided to the University of South Florida Yuengling Center. No one else is permitted on the floor of the University of South Florida Yuengling Center. Accessible seating is available in the Yuengling Center for those with mobility devices and those with limited mobility. This seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis, and cannot be reserved.

Section 113 is reserved for guests who are deaf or hard of hearing as this section provides a clear view to the ASL interpreters in front of the stage. Please note that section 113 is reserved only for the first 30 minutes after doors have opened—once 30 minutes has elapsed the section is open for general admission.

Upon entering the Yuengling Center, all people in attendance will be searched by security per Yuengling Center policy.



Photo Opportunities

Gigante Productions (813-907-1078) will photograph each senior individually upon receiving his/her diploma and congratulations from the principal. Purchase of these photographs is optional. Gigante Productions will notify seniors via mail when the pictures are ready and all questions regarding these pictures should go to Gigante Productions. Please make sure that your address is correct with Cypress Creek High School, as that is the address that we will provide to Gigante Productions. Cypress Creek does not receive any of these pictures or information following graduation.


Parking & Security

There is a $13.00 charge for parking, and it will be done by credit card only. There are parking areas around the University of South Florida Yuengling Center. Disabled parking is located at Gate A and Gate D, Parking Lot Area 22F.


  • No weapons of any kind, no outside food or beverage, no backpacks, or other large bags.
  • Personal bags must be smaller than 12”x12”x12” and are subject to search upon entry.
  • All cameras are permitted except for professional cameras with larger lenses.

Presale Parking Information

  • For each of the ceremonies there are 300 PRESALE tickets ONLY per graduation per USF.
  • Anyone who does not purchase a ticket after the 300 are sold can purchase one on the day of the ceremony via credit card only.
  • There is MORE THAN ENOUGH parking for everyone who will want to attend, and everyone will get to park who wants to park and everyone will get to purchase a parking ticket who wants to purchase one. This is a USF policy.
  • Patrons must find the date and time of their graduation ceremony and purchase the parking ticket.
  • Of note, if they purchase a parking ticket for another ceremony, they will have to rebuy parking and WILL NOT be reimbursed.


Graduation Status

 Students, it is important that you check that you are meeting or have met all graduation requirements and know where you stand in terms of graduation status. Please review your graduate plan and ensure that the requirements are met. If you would like to meet with Mrs. Hagie-McHugh or Mrs. Ferry to check your status, please email Mrs. Ferry at jferry@pasco.k12.fl.us

Diploma Distribution

Once the ceremony has concluded all graduates will be directed out of the Yuengling Center through the Corral the same way they entered the building—inform your family/friends of this to make for an easier reunification process.

Diplomas will be distributed in the Corral by alphabet in the same way that students lined up behind the seating for guests. Students who have officially checked out can receive their diplomas and participate in graduation. Only students meeting the behavioral requirements at graduation will receive a diploma. After receiving your diploma, please exit the University of South Florida Yuengling Center.


Graduation is a momentous occasion for seniors, their parents, families, and friends. For that reason, the ceremony is to be held with dignity and courtesy to others. All participants must behave appropriately for the occasion, including walking across the stage. All participants must comply with the Pasco County Student Code of Conduct. Inappropriate behavior will result in students and parents/guardians meeting with the school administration. Disciplinary consequences will be assigned and must be completed before the distribution of the diploma.

Improper noises and distractions will not be permitted. This includes, but is not limited to, noisemakers such as bullhorns, air horns, whistles, cowbells, and firecrackers, etc. Do NOT bring in beach balls, silly string, or any item that would be deemed inappropriate. We ask that you request family and friends to remain seated throughout the ceremony, except when it is appropriate to stand (during the Pledge of Allegiance, for example), as a courtesy to other graduates and their families and friends. No one, other than graduates and designated guests, is permitted in the seating area for graduates. Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not receive his/her diploma and/or will be turned over to appropriate law enforcement officials. As this is a School District of Pasco County event, alcohol will not be permitted inside of any of the areas in the University of South Florida Yuengling Center dedicated to the graduation ceremony.


Please be advised that the time of arrival for the graduation ceremony for students is 90 minutes (about 1 and a half hours) prior to Graduation. This will coincide with early afternoon/evening traffic that is very heavy based on the location of the University of South Florida Yuengling Center. Please plan appropriately when leaving your homes and give yourself more than enough time to arrive without incident. Once students and staff have left for the beginning of the ceremony, late students will not be permitted to enter the seating area for graduates. This is University of South Florida Yuengling Center’s security policy and will be strictly enforced.

All graduates must enter through the Corral which is located near Gate A at the southwest corner of the Yuengling Center. Once inside the Corral, students will be directed to the appropriate check-in table to pick up their reader card. Please see the map below for additional information.

Dress Expectations

Dress Code for Graduates: Dress pants and dress shirt with tie, a dress or skirt and blouse or pantsuit are recommended outfits. If wearing pants, wear matching/dark socks with dress shoes. No sneakers, sandals, flip flops, etc. are allowed. We recommend that students not wear high heels, as there will be a lot of walking and stair climbing. No visible “bulky” jewelry, scarves, ribbons, etc. are permitted.

Personal Items: Leave purses, cameras, sunglasses, and personal items with a parent or friend in the audience; they may not be taken in during the processional. Flowers or corsages are NOT permitted.

Graduation Gowns: Gowns should be brought with you to the graduation ceremony. When you arrive, please have your gown in hand and not on. We have ordered all caps and gowns for students. Please do not order a second cap and gown from Herff Jones. Please carry your cap, gown, and medallion into the University of South Florida Yuengling Center. We will not have extra gowns on hand. Make sure that you bring yours to the ceremony. Gowns are to look like they did when received from the company. Nothing extra may be added to them.

Graduation Cap: The mortarboard (graduation cap) is to be worn flat with the tassel over the right eye. Once the seniors are declared graduates, the tassel is moved to the left side in unison with the class. Caps may be decorated on the top only. Caps will be reviewed upon check-in. If the decoration on your cap is not appropriate, you will be given a plain replacement cap to wear for the ceremony.

Please consider the following rules when decorating your graduation cap. Failure to follow them may result in removal before the ceremony.

Caps MAY NOT contain: Advertisements, symbols, abbreviations, initials, words, slogans, patches, or pictures that: refer to drugs or controlled substances, tobacco, alcohol, or weapons or anything of sexual nature.

  • Affiliation with gangs, drug use, violence, illegal activity, or disruptive behavior which is detrimental to the safety and welfare of others.
  • Anything obscene, profane, vulgar, or lewd.
  • Numbers other than the graduation year.
  • Anything threatening the safety or welfare of someone else.
  • Anything that makes noise (bells, horns etc.).
  • Only the flat area can be decorated. There can be nothing hanging from the sides. 3D objects (only 2D objects that are flat and attached to the cap).

Acceptable Ideas include: thanking a parent or guardian, recognizing a university you will be attending, your graduation year, military branch that you will be joining. It is highly suggested that you trace your cap onto cardboard and decorate the cardboard. We will not be supplying new caps if you mess yours up. Administration reserves the right to disallow anything that is not considered appropriate for the commencement ceremony.

Graduation Regalia: Only the regalia given by the school or pre-approved by administration will be allowed to be worn at the graduation ceremony. If students come with any stoles, cords, or other regalia they will be told to remove it or will not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony.

Seniors requesting to wear cords or sashes to graduation that are not provided by Cypress Creek need to use THIS LINK for approval. Principal or the designee’s decision is final.

Failure to comply with the dress policy may result in the student not participating in the ceremony. Security will do a visual search and wand of all graduates and any guests to the University of South Florida Yuengling Center.

Senior Events & Information

Senior Fees

Senior Grad Fees Breakdown:

$100 Fee (late fee beginning in January is $130)

Fees can be paid on the CCHS website via Rycor.

Breakdown (totals $111)

  • Item, Cost
  • Cap/Gown/Tassel, 35.00
  • Medallion, 10.00
  • Senior Breakfast (decorations, awards, rentals), 5.00
  • Field Day (inflatables, food), 15.00
  • Graduation, 20.00
  • Graduation Program, 2.00
  • Diploma Cover, 2.00
  • Diploma, 4.00
  • Senior Gift, 4.00
  • Senior Pep Rally, 3.00
  • Yard Signs, 9.00
  • Graduation Practice Breakfast, 2.00
  • TOTAL, 111.00


Cap & Gown Info

All seniors, please fill out the MachForm linked below to provide us with your height and weight for your cap and gown to be ordered. Please note, if you do not fill out the MachForm below your gown size may be incorrect when ordered.

Cap/Gown MachForm

Senior Breakfast

Senior breakfast is a special event celebrating graduating students. It includes an awards ceremony, recognition of scholarship recipients, and distribution of graduation cords. All of this takes place while seniors enjoy breakfast together. It is a memorable occasion to honor their achievements.


Senior Walking Yearbook

On Tuesday, May 21st at 8 am, Seniors are encouraged to bring their yearbooks and a plain white shirt. The senior video will be debuted and students will walk around the cafeteria and get their yearbooks and shirts signed.

Senior Sunset

On May 23rd at 7pm, Seniors are invited to the football stadium to watch the sunset and celebrate their last evening together.

Senior Timeline

Stay knowledgeable by checking the updated Senior timeline, which includes all senior events and activities. Your support ensures a memorable final year for your child, so be sure to mark those dates and secure the current fee.

Class of 2024 Timeline

Senior Letters

We are excited about the upcoming graduation of your student! It is time to ask for your help to congratulate our students for their accomplishments over the past twelve years. Cypress Creek will participate in a Letter Envelope program this year. We would like each senior to be given at least one letter from a family member or friend at our upcoming Senior Breakfast. Please see below for the guidelines and information for participation.

We appreciate you taking the time to do this for your graduate. We know they will cherish your letter. Letters will be accepted via drop off or mail.

School Address:

Senior Letter Attention: Geisa Perez

8701 Old Pasco Rd

Wesley Chapel Fl, 33544


Please keep in mind that letters will be collected for 500 students. It is IMPERATIVE that you follow these guidelines:

  • Send in cards or letters no larger than 8″ x 10″
  • No packages
  • Do not send anything of value to the school; we cannot be responsible for it (cash, checks, gift cards, etc.).
  • If sending several envelopes inside a larger envelope, please put the student’s full name on ALL envelopes!
  • Keep letters and cards flat
  • ALL CARDS AND LETTERS MUST ARRIVE AT THE SCHOOL BY May 12th. We cannot take anything after this date. We encourage you to send your letters as early as possible.


Following Graduation practice, the elementary feeder pattern schools have invited graduating seniors to their campus for a celebratory clap out.

Seven Oaks Elementary School: Sign up

Veterans Elementary:

Denham Oaks:


Quail Hollow:


Senior Olympics