Due to COVID-19, the testing requirement has been temporarily suspended. Please visit the Dual Enrollment Program page to learn more about admission requirements for Fall 2020.  For more information, click https://admissions.phsc.edu/start/high-school/dual-enroll.

Algebra 1 EOC Test Preparation

Next Administration: July 13-16, 2020

Time: 9am 

This administration is only for students that previously took the Algebra 1 EOC and did not pass or seniors that have never sat for the exam. All other retake candidates will take the Fall administration when school resumes. 

Please complete the mach form to register for the exam by July 9th – https://cchs.pasco.k12.fl.us/mform/view.php?id=211892 

Algebra Resources

Algebra 1 EOC Prep (2021)  – The district has released a brand new student paced practice course. Review and take a practice EOC before the real test at home! Within each unit there is a lesson per standard, which includes an interactive lesson with a short quiz.  There are a total of 25 lessons, which can be assigned based on student’s need. Students can work through the entire course or specific lessons (standards) recommended by the teacher.  There are also 3 practice EOC exams at the end of the course. https://pasco.instructure.com/enroll/PW96GP

Khan Academy Algebra

PERT Test Preparation

Next Administration: TBD

Time: TBA

This administration will only be for seniors attempting to earn a concordant score for the Algebra 1 EOC. This administration is not for DE purposes. 

  • The PERT is a college placement exam. It can be used as a concordant test score only for the senior cohort. Students need a score of 97 to meet the Algebra 1 graduation requirement. 
  • PERT is also used to determine which students are eligible for Dual Enrollment, however exams for DE verification are not administered on campus. Due to COVID-19, please check with local colleges and universities as to whether they will accept or need PERT scores. 

PERT Resources


PERT Study Guide

PERT Practice Test

SAT Preparation

Next Administration: TBA

Time: TBD




Test Tip of the Week:

Test anxiety is unfortunately a reality for many of our students. Here’s a list of resources to help alleviate some common concerns. 

Managing Test Anxiety – Brown University