The Covid-19 Response Guide, Student & Visitor Daily Screener Questions

Please always stay tuned to the Pasco County Schools ReOpening Website. CLICK HERE FOR A DIRECT LINK TO THE REOPENING WEBSITE! and Click here for The COVID-19 Response Guide


Students must ask themselves these questions every morning prior to coming to school. If they answer “Yes” to any question they should NOT come to school. CLICK HERE FOR A LINK TO THE STUDENT SCREENER

Visitor Screener Questions:

Please note that we are only permitting visitors to campus by appointment only. Please call 813-346-4400. All Visitors with an Appointment Must:

  • Complete the Visitor Self-Screener – CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK!
  • Come to the Front Office to check in.
  • Remain in designation location as directed (ex. front office, on bench outside front office)

Checking Out Students:

Please call ahead to set an appointment to check out your student from school (813-346-4400). Our Student Services department will have your child in Student Services ready for pick up to release to you at the designated appointment time. You will need to park and come up to the front doors. A secretary will meet you there to check your identification to approve the student check out at the designated time.

Dropping Off Students Late to School:

All of our gates will be locked. Please drop your student off at the front office. If your child’s tardiness is excused, please send a note in with them. Only students will be permitted in the front office for Drop-Offs. Our front office staff will check them in and get them to their class.


Deliveries to Campus:

Please note that we do not permit deliveries from outside services. Please do not order or send items to be delivered by the school. Any delivery that does appear will be sent away. Please also note that we will not deliver balloons, or any other items to students for celebratory purposes. Please also do not personally deliver fast food items to your child for lunch.The only items that will be delivered would be something a student needs for instructional purposes. Please understand that we will not interrupt instructional time for students to pick up items – students will be only be called down during lunch time to secure any instructional items dropped off for them.